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  • LabStar330

    Industrial Digital Single Pass Label Press

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  • LabStar330

    Industrial Digital Single Pass Label Press

    Max. Mechanical Speed is up to 50 m/min

    High-resolution printing of 1200*1200dpi

    Suitable for industrial flexible production needs

    Max. print resolution600*1200dpi,1200*1200dpi
    Max. print width 320 mm
    Ink type UV Ink
    Number of colors CMYK; optional: W
    Type PET/PVC/PP/PE/BOPP film, coated & uncoated paper, and some special materials e.g. aluminum foil, etc.
    Material width 75-350 mm
    Roll diameter 800 mm
    Unwinder/Rewinder core 3"(air shaft)
    Thickness 0.02-0.5 mm
    Feeding roll to roll
    Roll-changing method automatic lifting by dual-spindle
    Additional functions Web guide, Tension control, Corona treatment, Web cleaner, Electrostatic removal, Modular curing units, Web break sensor, Automatic diameter detection, Automatic thickness detection, Automatic ink consumption detection, Fully servo control system
    Dimensions 6290 mm*1650 mm*2107 mm
    Net weight 3500 Kg
    Gross weight 4000 Kg
    Power requirements 40kW/AC380V
    Air requirements industrial air source 0.6-0.8Mpa, compressed
    EnvironmentA separate, clean and low dust room with low radiation and good ventilation Temperature: 18-25℃ Humidity: 40%-65%(RH)
    Input format TIFF, PDF etc
    UV curing LED+UV curing system (Modular curing design)
    Data transmission High-speed PCIE transmission


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