Character Printing Series
Empower PCB Competitiveness
  • Quanta series

    High-precision Printing of Characters

  • Inkjet Printer
  • Quanta series

    High-precision Printing of Characters

    Printing efficiency up to 160 sides/hour

    Can realize 1-5 industrial-grade print heads to print simultaneously

    High-resolution print head, precise printing of fine graphics

    Model Quanta-200 Quanta-300
    Productivity Alignment+printing
    Mass Prodution Mode 130 sides/h 160 sides/h
    Fine Mode 90 sides/h 110 sides/h
    Max. Inkjet Printing Size 29*25 inch(730-640mm)
    Thickness of PCB Board 4-320 mil (0.1-8mm)
    Alignment Accuracy ±1.4mil (±35um)
    Resolution 1200*1200dpi or above
    Maximum print heads 3 5
    Maximum nozzles Gen5 1280*3 Gen5 1280*5
    Mass Production Mode 26.5S(18"*24") 21S(18"*24")
    Standard mode 40S(18"*24") 31S(18"*24")
    Ink UV photosensitive ink, Taiyo, Agfa
    Inkjet Mode A-A/A-B sides
    Software RIP Software、TGZ,Gerber274X,ODB++
    Smallest ink drop 7pl
    Machine size 2200*1700*1500mm(L*W*H)
    Machine weight 1800Kg


    CCD positioning
    Sample display
    new product
    Empower PCB Competitiveness
    Focus on digital inkjet equipment manufacturing in the field of precision manufacturing
    PCB Injket Printing
    Redefining the PCB digital printing process
    Product Rocommended
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