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    Direct to Garment Digital Printer

    Offer customized DTG printing solutions

    Small and efficient industrial DTG printer

    Max.resolution up to 600*1600dpi

    Production efficiency up to 90-180pcs/h

    1 piece order available,delivery within 3-7days

    Print Productivity:Without white base:180pcs/h,Standard white base:90pcs/h
    Printing Height:3-15mm (0.12"x0.59")
    Max. Image Area:400x500mm (15.75"x19.69")
    Fabric Types:Pure cotton or mixed cotton fabric
    Printheads Printheads Quantity:6/8
    Printheads:Grayscale Industrial Printhead
    Printing Resolution:600*1200dpi/1600dpi
    Cleaning System:Automatic cleaning system
    Moisturizing:Non-contact Moisturizing
    Pallet Pallet Quantity:2
    Max. Pallet Size:410x510mm (16.14"x20.08")
    Machine Overall Size:3052x2302x2100cm (LxWxH)(120.16"x90.63"x82.68")
    Ink Ink Type:Pigment ink
    Ink Channel:CMYK(RG)+White
    Software RIP Software:Rival dedicated RIP software
    Requirements Temperature:20℃-25℃
    Relative Humidity:60%-70%
    Power Supply:AC380±10% / 220V±10%|17A( 11KW)|50Hz / 60Hz
    Compressed Air:0.6 MPa


    Direct-to-Garment Pure Digital Printer

    Tailor-made smart & personalized DTG solution for small and medium-sized DTG customers

    ● Small and efficient, industrial DTG solution in minimum budget

    ● Equipped with 6/8pcs grayscale industrial printheads, resolution up to 600x1600dpi

    ● Continuously alternate production with two pallets, productivity up to 100-120pcs/h

    ● Online image processing available, succeeds intelligent printing

    ● Inline heat press before white&CMYK synchronous inkjet, perfect match for print-on-dry solution

    ● All-green solution with OEKO-TEX? certificate

    ● Independent R&D, machine upgrade and pallet customization available

    ● Over 10 years of rich experience in applying high-speed industrial-grade printhead, tens of thousands of practical printhead     application cases to share with customers

    ● Service outlets cover the whole world, perfect pre-sale proofing and after-sale protection services, 24-hour feedback mechanism

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    Empowering Garment Competitiveness
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